Thursday, December 28, 2023

A Living Website

We continue to work on our new website ( to fine tune and organize it for best possible navigation and to complete sections that are not yet fully done.

In reality however, this will be an ongoing, never-ending process as we continue to improve our site based on your input and feedback, as we continually develop and add new products to help and benefit more and more people, and as we begin to document the information and know how that we have accumulated and that is missing from the TCM and herbal health dialogue.  

It is our desire to help inform those that are interested in our understanding and we feel a responsibility to add our  "grain of salt" to the catalog of information than people can access on the fields of traditional herbology and specially ancient Dit Da Ke medicine, the mother of Dit Da Jow (more on this coming soon on a separate post).

In the end, we are attempting to make a "Living Website", meaning a site that is constantly and continuously growing and developing, responding to its environment and surroundings. 

At Shen, we honor our martial heritage and promote Martial Values/Virtues (Mo Dak / Wu De). Our healing tradition is deeply rooted in martial teachings going far back into the midst of antiquity. Therefore, our future direction will continue to be informed by the martial philosophy as an approach to daily living and a path towards reaching our ultimate state. 

What does all this mean for you? 

  • Regular, frequent updates and information posts on this Blog
  • More Informational Venues (Other Blogs, Publications)
  • Product Posts with more info on origin, history and traditional use
  • Video Content
  • Coupons and Product Specials
  • Testimonials and Success Stories
  • And Much More!
So, keep coming back to get the latest on what is "Happening at Shen Martial Arts".


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