Friday, February 2, 2024

Review of Shen Martial Arts' Cotton Steel Wine Internal Elixir on Youtube

Cotton Steel Wine Internal Elixir Review

Monk Joseph of "The Broken Buddha" Youtube channel

Monk Joseph has many interesting and insightful videos on his youtube page. He runs his site fully independently and chooses what  to post based on this own criteria. We at Shen are honored that he has chosen to review one of our elixirs. 

Atlhough still at the start of his use of Cotton Steel Wine, Monk Joseph has already felt some of the results that the formula is know for. This is seen on those that are in some type of cultivation discipline. 

Cotton Steel Wine is one of the 5 Element Elixirs Series. It belongs to the Metal phase as shown in the diagram below. 

Click on the link or picture above to go to part 1 of our blog posts on 5 element theory and the correspondence the 5 Elements line of Elixirs. 


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