Friday, December 29, 2023

Introductory Discount! Complete Chow Gar Southern Mantis Kung Fu Series


Complete Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Instructional Series

20% Off!

This is a welcome introduction to our new Shen Martial Arts website as well as to celebrate the new year, 2024! This discount expires on January 31, 2024, and quantities are limited so take advantage while supply lasts. No coupon or code required. 

Shen the exclusive source for this amazing series which consists of 28 dvd's. Please note, this does not include the Hsing I, Tai Chi or 8 brocades dvd's. .To see a description of all titles, click here: Chow Gar

This is a vintage training series by Master Paul Whitrod and is very rare. The series was produced in the 1980's and appeared only on VHS tape. The quality of the playback reflects the VHS masters from which we converted to DVD. However, the content is legendary and very sought after by martial artists of all styles and has gained a great interest with mma fighters and competitors. One of the best explained martial arts instructional training series ever made. No returns are accepted other than for proven damage or malfunction.

There are no returns accepted on any DVD sales. If a DVD does not play, it will be replaced.  

Thursday, December 28, 2023

A Living Website

We continue to work on our new website ( to fine tune and organize it for best possible navigation and to complete sections that are not yet fully done.

In reality however, this will be an ongoing, never-ending process as we continue to improve our site based on your input and feedback, as we continually develop and add new products to help and benefit more and more people, and as we begin to document the information and know how that we have accumulated and that is missing from the TCM and herbal health dialogue.  

It is our desire to help inform those that are interested in our understanding and we feel a responsibility to add our  "grain of salt" to the catalog of information than people can access on the fields of traditional herbology and specially ancient Dit Da Ke medicine, the mother of Dit Da Jow (more on this coming soon on a separate post).

In the end, we are attempting to make a "Living Website", meaning a site that is constantly and continuously growing and developing, responding to its environment and surroundings. 

At Shen, we honor our martial heritage and promote Martial Values/Virtues (Mo Dak / Wu De). Our healing tradition is deeply rooted in martial teachings going far back into the midst of antiquity. Therefore, our future direction will continue to be informed by the martial philosophy as an approach to daily living and a path towards reaching our ultimate state. 

What does all this mean for you? 

  • Regular, frequent updates and information posts on this Blog
  • More Informational Venues (Other Blogs, Publications)
  • Product Posts with more info on origin, history and traditional use
  • Video Content
  • Coupons and Product Specials
  • Testimonials and Success Stories
  • And Much More!
So, keep coming back to get the latest on what is "Happening at Shen Martial Arts".

Saturday, December 23, 2023

All New Shen Martial Arts!

First of all, we want to wish everyone Happy Holidays! May we all enjoy the best of family and friends as we celebrate and share our appreciation for all the good things and also take we note of all the things we need to work on, and improve on. 

Let's us all also send good thoughts and wishes to those that are in difficult circumstances, but more than that, let's dig deep to follow our good thoughts with actions to help make things better within our families, in our communities, in our respective nations, and all across the world, not forgetting those that are suffering both close and far.

We are very happy to announce  our newly released website at which is the same domain as before, but a new, revamped website. We invite you to check it out and please give us your thoughts, You can find contact information on our site our send us your comments, ideas, and your constructive criticism. As a token of our appreciation, please use the following discount code for the purchase of any of the items in our store.

Shen remains the premier maker and provider of authentic dit da jow and iron palm formulas and continue to offer the highest quality and best selection, made from the best quality herbs and using authentic, traditional methods. Along with all of your Shen favorites, you can now find a whole selection of long standing and newly released Traditional Herbal; Remedies providing herbal support for many common ailments and with more on the way.. 

And let's not forget our unique line of Internal Elixirs, starting with 5 Elements Elixirs collection with our flagship and now famous Dragon's Breath Elixir, providing ancient herbal support for self-development pursuits and for mental spiritual practices from the various schools of thought. 

Shen Martial Arts is the exclusive distributor for Master Paul Whitrod's legendary Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu instructional DVD series and his rare book, "Close in Fighting Skills of Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu"  

We will also be adding a complete section of rare, vintage and unique DVD instructional and collectible DVD 's and will be adding downloadable instructional content in the near future.

Come visit and explore all of our classic and newly added products and see why Shen Martial Arts continues to be the best in Dit Da Jow. Iron Palm liniments, internal  elixirs to aid in and support for martial arts, self-development, mental/spiritual practice and herbal health support.

At Shen Martial Arts, we are and remain martial artists and seekers at heart and will continue as we continue in our path, we will continue to support you on your own Journey. 

So, with that,

 Welcome to the New Shen Martial Arts!