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Jiao Gu Lan - "Herb of Immortality"

Jiao Gu Lan is known in some parts of Asia as "The Herb of Immortality" attesting to its many health benefits observed over countless centuries.  Jiao Gu Lan was re-discovered in the 1970's by Japanese researchers while looking for a healthy alternative to processed sugar. Since then, scientific tests show this herbal treasure to have healing effects on such terrible conditions as Diabetes, and Cancer. 

See the article: Jiaogulan: The little-known herb that may be the secret to longevity .

Jiao Gu Lan is also commonly referred to as "Southern Ginseng" as it is comparable and even superior in its tonic and health benefits to the famous and well known “king of herbs”. Studies show Jiao Gu Lan contains more Ginsenosides (the chemical constituents that give ginseng its legendary healing attributes), than Ginseng itself. It is contains powerful antioxidant qualities and is considered one of the best apoptogenic supplements available. Jiao Gu Lan supplements are widely available in any form imaginable from many sellers and suppliers online unfortunately the quality and effectiveness varies widely.

At Shen, our Jiao Gu Lan tonic tincture is just 100% high quality Jiao Gu Lan herb, extracted in the traditional method at a concentration 100:1 herb to rice alcohol (42%) base. This batch was aged for 2 years making for an exceptional Jiao Gu Lan health tonic. 

How to Use:  Apply 10 drops under the tongue, 2 times per day (am/pm) at least 1 hour before or after a meal. Adjust amount taken to your optimal. 

Jiao Gu Lan is a long term use tonic and can be safely and beneficially on a daily basis for years. A recommended course is 3 to 6 months with a rest period of 2 weeks between courses. 

If the taste is too strong, you can also mix the drops with a small amount of water or honey, but the effect and the path of absorption may be different.; 

Caution: Not for use during pregnancy. Keep out of reach of children. Disclaimer: This is a traditional herbal supplement. The above statements have not been verified by the FDA. None of the above is to be considered medical advice, claims or guarantees User assumes all risk


1 ounce bottle w/.dropper

Friday, February 2, 2024

Review of Shen Martial Arts' Cotton Steel Wine Internal Elixir on Youtube

Cotton Steel Wine Internal Elixir Review

Monk Joseph of "The Broken Buddha" Youtube channel

Monk Joseph has many interesting and insightful videos on his youtube page. He runs his site fully independently and chooses what  to post based on this own criteria. We at Shen are honored that he has chosen to review one of our elixirs. 

Atlhough still at the start of his use of Cotton Steel Wine, Monk Joseph has already felt some of the results that the formula is know for. This is seen on those that are in some type of cultivation discipline. 

Cotton Steel Wine is one of the 5 Element Elixirs Series. It belongs to the Metal phase as shown in the diagram below. 

Click on the link or picture above to go to part 1 of our blog posts on 5 element theory and the correspondence the 5 Elements line of Elixirs. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

5 Element Elixirs - Ancient Herbal Support for Personal Transformation Part 1

At Shen Martial Arts, we offer a variety of Herbal Elixirs. When reading the descriptions, you may find some overlap, with more than one elixir having some similar observed benefits and it may appear that they are offered with no order or structure, and there is not synergy or relationship between them.  However, while each elixir is stand alone and can be used to great benefit independently, there is an important. overarching relationship between them corresponding to the ancient concept of the 5 elements. 

This first post is not meant to be an exhaustive dissertation on the 5 elements but rather an introduction  or primer into the 5 element model, correspondence, and its relevance to self cultivation, personal transformation and physical, mental and spiritual advancement. The purpose for the use of herbal elixirs will then be presented. 

The 5 elements/phases are simply a model created by the ancients to describe and understand the Universe. It is a simple and elegant model that relies on some basic ideas. Unfortunately, many of those who quote the 5 elements do not have a strong grasp of its workings because they gravitate to the complex, while ignoring the basics that make up the foundation of the model.. Basics such as:

  • The 5 Elements are actually 5 Phases. Each phase creates the next in a continuous, never-ending cycle.
  • No one phase is more important or "stronger" than the others.
  • No one phase is first. The cycle starts from any phase. 
  • Each phase corresponds to different aspects of existence (sound, color, taste, smell, emotion, etc.). 
  •  Everything in the Universe exhibits a relative predominance or affinity for a particular phase, however all things are a combination of all elements. 
  • All things are composed of  different proportions of the 5 elements in relation to one another
  • Imbalance manifests when one element is unnaturally, disproportionately less or more predominant.

As a bit of a historical side track, It is very interesting to note that the concept or theory of the 5 elements was shared by many early human civilizations with minor variances.. Modern mis-interpretations assigned great differences to the elemental theories but upon extensive research and study, it can be surmised that this was knowledge that was shared widely across the ancient world. The advent of the world's large organized religions brought with it brutal censorship wiping out nonconforming ways of thought, forcing  what were viewed as "heretical" teachings and wisdom into obscurity. 

Precious knowledge such as the teachings of the 5 elements survived the passage of time in secret, curated, guarded and passed down to a chosen cadre within various occult traditions, schools of thought, secret societies and spiritual lineages.

Two of the disciplines that I have devoted my life to, Chinese Martial Arts, and Traditional Chinese medicine were primary guardians of much of this knowledge and both are infused and inseparable from the 5 element model. It is through years of study in these two fields that I began to unveil the beauty, simplicity and validity that 5 phase theory conveys.

It is from this deep and focused study that I began to hear the ancients as they conveyed the following principles:. 
  • Everything in the Universe is in constant, cyclical transformation. This is a natural law.
  • The universe seeks a state of dynamic balance  or balance while in constant transformation. "All is awash over the long run"
  • Imbalance is caused by external forces but nature rebalances by transforming and adapting.
  • Humans have the ability to observe nature and understand the universe and its intrinsic patterns. Humans can thus learn to adapt, transform an promote balance.
  • By managing adaptation and transformation, Human beings can reach and advanced state of being and pursue ultimate balance.
There is one more important principle that is readily apparent in current times and that we must always very wary of:
  • Humans often disrupt balance. Ignorance leads to actions promote imbalance. Ignorance leads humans to disrupt nature and create great (ultimate) imbalance.
So, we as human beings have the ability to  interfere with balance, both within and outside of ourselves and have been doing this for thousands of years to our own detriment. 

The key point the ancient masters focused on was in learning how to reach advanced states of being. To understand and utilize the patterns of nature and of the universe in order to improve. They observed and learned how to use the 5 element model for human self-development. The postulated theories, formed a body of knowledge and thus created a science. They also developed methods, practices and techniques, thus creating a technology. The science and technology of the 5 elements of universal transformation. 

End of Part 1

Next segment, Part 2 will  examine the role played by the 5 element elixirs and continue to expand on 5 element and correspondences.

This is all original content written by Mario Figueroa  is the sole property of M. Figueroa and Shen Enterprises dba Shen Martial Arts. It is solely for the purposes of informing and education of our clients and interested parties.. No part of this content may be copied, republished, printed, imaged, reproduced, streamed or in any form. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Legendary Dragon's Breath Elixir



The Legendary Dragon’s Breath Elixir

Dragon’s Breath Elixir is a very ancient herbal formula and its exact origin is unknown. According to lore, it came to us from India to China and was inherited via Chinese Martial and Spiritual traditions and has been used for at least 2,500 years. It is believed to pre-date its use in India. Its traditional use was as an aid for intense mental and spiritual practices, but more importantly to promote advancement and facilitate growth in the pursuit of higher spiritual levels.

The formula and method for crafting Dragon’s Breath Elixir has remained a closely guarded secret and has been handed down through a select few martial and spiritual lineages and used for the benefit of their followers.

For decades, Shen Martial Arts have made Dragon’s Breath Elixir available to practitioners of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Martial Arts of all styles, to those who practice Meditation from the many disciplines and traditions and to followers of many spiritual paths. The benefits reported over years of feedback include sharpened mental focus, improved clarity, heightened awareness, deepened concentration and what many describe as “calm energy”.  Many users noted benefits in their regular day to day lives at work and home in handling complexity and stress as well as in mental agility, physical endurance, lower anxiety, less worry, more restful sleep and even health benefits like better digestion, increased energy and improved resistance to colds and flus. Soon users were ordering for family members and friends, and word started spreading of this great herbal formula.

The various benefits that Dragon’s Breath Elixir promotes differ from person to person but the common results for most are mental clarity, sharp focus, and heightened awareness.

General Description:

This formula is for regular use and prior to deep mental concentration, meditation or other internal or spiritual practice. It livens the nervous system, energizes the brain, expands the lungs and heightens awareness. It is used by martial artists to improve anticipation, feel and perception, and helps circulate chi, all of which improve power, timing and manifest as speed, faster reflexes and explosiveness.

For non-martial artists, the formula helps exercise psychic perception, deepens insight, and can be used along with Yoga, or meditative practices for higher attainment. Dragon’s Breath Elixir is all natural, no harmful substances.

A growing number of people involved in highly analytical, stressful, dynamic and complex activities as well as those in creative and artistic endeavors are using “Dragon’s Breath.

How to Use:

The recommended starting dose is 1 tablespoon taken 2 times per day. The best dosage will vary from person to person. Take 1 hour before or after meals. Can be mixed with warm water. If taste is too harsh, add natural honey.


Dragon’s Breath Elixir is a closely guarded formula that has been passed down within disciplines, lineages and traditions. The formula is made up entirely of traditional Chinese herbs, all natural, plant based. No animal based, endangered, or restricted substances are used. The complete formula remains proprietary but some of the ingredients include:

Auricularia, Angelica Sinesis, Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae Panax Notoginseng, Rhizoma Polygonati. Tremella fuciformis and additional natural herbs in a confidential proprietary blend.

The quantity of each of the herbs is critical to its proper function, as is the exact method and process of preparation. The elixir is alcohol based and the type and amount of alcohol content of the base is very important for proper formulation and optimal results.

Disclaimer: The above statements made about specific products have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. This is for information purposes and is not meant to be constituted as medical or healthcare advice. Always consult with your healthcare professional prior to using any medication, nutritional, herbal or homeopathic product or before beginning any exercise or diet program or starting any treatment for a health issue. User assumes all risk.

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

We Do Herbs Baby!

 Shen Martial Arts. Dit Da Jow, Iron Palm, Dit Da Ke, Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedies. 

Shen Martial Arts Precious Herb Series - Huang Qi: Nature's Flu Shot



Huang Qi – Nature’s Flu Shot

Huang Qi truly is a wonder herb of ancient Chinese Herbology. Its many benefits for health and wellness have been recorded for thousands of years and modern research by renowned medical and scientific institutions are now confirming the value of this ancient herb. Among its effects on human health, it is best known for its ability boost immunity and prevent infection. 

The Mount Sinai Hospital online health library states that “(Huang QI) has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. People sometimes use it on the skin for wound care. In addition, studies have shown that astragalus has antiviral properties and stimulates the immune system, suggesting that it may help prevent colds.”

Huang Qi is categorized as an adaptogen, meaning it helps protect the body against various stresses, including physical, mental, or emotional stress. It contains antioxidants, which protect cells against damage and may help protect the body from diseases such as cancer and diabetes.  It is used to protect and support the immune system, preventing colds and upper respiratory infections, lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes, and protecting the liver. 

Astragalus has been used for the following:

  • Protects the body from stress and disease.
  • Colds, influenza, respiratory diseases.
  • Anemia. 
  • Diabetes. Huang Qi appears to lower blood sugar.
  • Fatigue or lack of appetite from chemotherapy. 
  • Heart disease.
  • lower cholesterol levels.
  • Hepatitis. 
  • Kidney disease. 
  • Seasonal allergies 
  • Cancer. Preliminary studies suggest astragalus may have anti-tumor effects, specifically against melanoma and leukemia.

In the USA, researchers are investigating Huang Qi for treating people with weakened immune systems due to chemotherapy or radiation. Initial results show Huang Qi helps people recover faster and live longer. There is ongoing research for its possible benefits on patients with AIDS. Recent research in China suggests that, because astragalus is an antioxidant, it may help people with severe forms of heart disease, relieving symptoms, lowering cholesterol levels, and improving heart function.

How to Use:

Apply 20 – 30 drops under the tongue and allow to absorb for 30 seconds before swallowing. 2 to 3 times per day, 1 hour before or after meals. Can be mixed with warm water. If taste is too harsh, add natural honey.


100% high quality Huang Qi root extracted in 45% Alcohol (100mg/ml)

Shen Martial Arts uses only the best herbs for our herbal compounds. This includes the use of herbs 1) grown in their region of origin (geo-authentic), 2) examined under chromatography to authenticate them as correct 3) without additives to preserve their appearance.

Disclaimer: The above statements made about specific products have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. This is for information purposes and is not meant to be constituted as medical or healthcare advice. Always consult with your healthcare professional prior to using any medication, nutritional, herbal or homeopathic product or before beginning any exercise or diet program or starting any treatment for a health issue. User assumes all risk.

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Introductory Discount! Complete Chow Gar Southern Mantis Kung Fu Series


Complete Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Instructional Series

20% Off!

This is a welcome introduction to our new Shen Martial Arts website as well as to celebrate the new year, 2024! This discount expires on January 31, 2024, and quantities are limited so take advantage while supply lasts. No coupon or code required. 

Shen the exclusive source for this amazing series which consists of 28 dvd's. Please note, this does not include the Hsing I, Tai Chi or 8 brocades dvd's. .To see a description of all titles, click here: Chow Gar

This is a vintage training series by Master Paul Whitrod and is very rare. The series was produced in the 1980's and appeared only on VHS tape. The quality of the playback reflects the VHS masters from which we converted to DVD. However, the content is legendary and very sought after by martial artists of all styles and has gained a great interest with mma fighters and competitors. One of the best explained martial arts instructional training series ever made. No returns are accepted other than for proven damage or malfunction.

There are no returns accepted on any DVD sales. If a DVD does not play, it will be replaced.  

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A Living Website

We continue to work on our new website ( to fine tune and organize it for best possible navigation and to complete sections that are not yet fully done.

In reality however, this will be an ongoing, never-ending process as we continue to improve our site based on your input and feedback, as we continually develop and add new products to help and benefit more and more people, and as we begin to document the information and know how that we have accumulated and that is missing from the TCM and herbal health dialogue.  

It is our desire to help inform those that are interested in our understanding and we feel a responsibility to add our  "grain of salt" to the catalog of information than people can access on the fields of traditional herbology and specially ancient Dit Da Ke medicine, the mother of Dit Da Jow (more on this coming soon on a separate post).

In the end, we are attempting to make a "Living Website", meaning a site that is constantly and continuously growing and developing, responding to its environment and surroundings. 

At Shen, we honor our martial heritage and promote Martial Values/Virtues (Mo Dak / Wu De). Our healing tradition is deeply rooted in martial teachings going far back into the midst of antiquity. Therefore, our future direction will continue to be informed by the martial philosophy as an approach to daily living and a path towards reaching our ultimate state. 

What does all this mean for you? 

  • Regular, frequent updates and information posts on this Blog
  • More Informational Venues (Other Blogs, Publications)
  • Product Posts with more info on origin, history and traditional use
  • Video Content
  • Coupons and Product Specials
  • Testimonials and Success Stories
  • And Much More!
So, keep coming back to get the latest on what is "Happening at Shen Martial Arts".

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All New Shen Martial Arts!

First of all, we want to wish everyone Happy Holidays! May we all enjoy the best of family and friends as we celebrate and share our appreciation for all the good things and also take we note of all the things we need to work on, and improve on. 

Let's us all also send good thoughts and wishes to those that are in difficult circumstances, but more than that, let's dig deep to follow our good thoughts with actions to help make things better within our families, in our communities, in our respective nations, and all across the world, not forgetting those that are suffering both close and far.

We are very happy to announce  our newly released website at which is the same domain as before, but a new, revamped website. We invite you to check it out and please give us your thoughts, You can find contact information on our site our send us your comments, ideas, and your constructive criticism. As a token of our appreciation, please use the following discount code for the purchase of any of the items in our store.

Shen remains the premier maker and provider of authentic dit da jow and iron palm formulas and continue to offer the highest quality and best selection, made from the best quality herbs and using authentic, traditional methods. Along with all of your Shen favorites, you can now find a whole selection of long standing and newly released Traditional Herbal; Remedies providing herbal support for many common ailments and with more on the way.. 

And let's not forget our unique line of Internal Elixirs, starting with 5 Elements Elixirs collection with our flagship and now famous Dragon's Breath Elixir, providing ancient herbal support for self-development pursuits and for mental spiritual practices from the various schools of thought. 

Shen Martial Arts is the exclusive distributor for Master Paul Whitrod's legendary Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu instructional DVD series and his rare book, "Close in Fighting Skills of Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu"  

We will also be adding a complete section of rare, vintage and unique DVD instructional and collectible DVD 's and will be adding downloadable instructional content in the near future.

Come visit and explore all of our classic and newly added products and see why Shen Martial Arts continues to be the best in Dit Da Jow. Iron Palm liniments, internal  elixirs to aid in and support for martial arts, self-development, mental/spiritual practice and herbal health support.

At Shen Martial Arts, we are and remain martial artists and seekers at heart and will continue as we continue in our path, we will continue to support you on your own Journey. 

So, with that,

 Welcome to the New Shen Martial Arts!